First peek at the new approach…

Well, since I haven’t done much explaining yet, this post might leave a few of you wondering… ‘huh?’

Part of my new plan involves building some sculptures.  They are going to be expensive… and nice… so I’m doing as much as I can virtually until I sell one, or can otherwise fund one.

Getting started on the work was the real adventure, and will undoubtedly come up as a subject in further posts.  The visible part of the adventure, the part that is easiest to share, just popped out of the project for the first time ever…

Voila… the first virtual sculpture.  It is a recreation of an earlier prototype piece I did a while back (in the real world), to test some of the lighting concepts out.

I’m not sure why the render is so blurry, but I’ll be putting my film-studio troubleshooting brain on to fix it.  In the meantime, I think it looks AWESOME!  Sort of a surreal, painterly look, which fits, since the sculpture itself is a bit surreal, and the whole trip to it was too.

Enjoy… more to follow…

Home Made

First render!

Look what popped out...

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