Mr. Thrifty’s new meal plan…

T-minus six weeks (ish).

The clock continues its countdown before I ‘go mobile’ (fully move into a storage unit), with but a backpack on my back.

I’ll admit it, I am not looking forward to all the packing, selling, and donating ahead of me, but worst of all, will be throwing the rest away.  It just seems so wasteful.  My kitchen in particular contains all sorts of things that won’t survive in storage.  Hell, a glance into the cupboards reveals they are full, and yet, surprisingly, I can’t find a damn thing to eat!

Well, good thing for me, Mr. Thrifty stopped on by to help.

He thought it’d be a good idea for me ‘use everything up,’  — somehow finishing my time at the house at the exact moment I eat the last morsel here. His reasoning — this would save me from wasting anything, or having to pack any food.

Wow! That sounds great.

Well, Mr. Thrifty, your plan sure makes for some interesting eating!  Over the past week or so I have surprised myself with what I have had to pull from the cupboards and eat.  Did I actually buy that???  What is that???  Usually, mind you, not before checking every cupboard and thinking ‘Sure wish I had some fucking food here!’   But, every now and again I have been able to pull something off — to make something that actually tasted good (and no, I’m not talking about eating straight condiments (yet)).  You see, under Mr. Thrifty’s watchful eye, in fact, my cupboards are in fact ‘full of food!’

Today’s surprise: Strange, infernal, not-so-Mexican, mozzarella ‘quesadillas.’

“But wait, mozzarella??? Isn’t that for pizza?” You ask.

Welllll… yes.  First off, I couldn’t believe I actually still had cheese and tortillas.  Psst.. quiet down Snip-Snap or Mr. Thrifty will hear you!!! Besides, ALL cheese is good, so it can only improve the dish.  Not to worry that there is no rice, no beans and no salsa around, lots of onions, jalapenos and hot sauce will have to do.  Now my mouth is only **FIRE**, with the pleasant feel of queso.


Somehow, I’ve done it again.

As it stands, I’ve made it a good two weeks longer than normal with no food shopping.  The cupboards are thinning way out.  What a joy it is to eat with you Mr. Thrifty!

Happy New Year, y’all.



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One response to “Mr. Thrifty’s new meal plan…

  • DFlo

    Fascinating! The whole endeavor that is, not necessarily just the eating every last bite of whatever you can find in the back corners of the kitchen cabinets. I definitely don’t have the cajones to drop everything (that is, -everything-) voluntarily and start over, but at the rate I’m failing to set myself up for retirement, I might be following in your footsteps 20 years from now. So document well, and share often!

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