Sell, sell, sell!

Well, well, well.
After much procrastination, the sell-a-thon begins. Blam – hot tub! Blam – drum set! Blam – La-Z-Boyeeeee! (Well, listed, at least, not sold just yet.)

Yes, folks, this is the first time I will ever downsize from a 3 bedroom house all my own, to um… as small a storage unit as I can get it down to. To all you doubters, let it be known that I have in the past, ‘chucked it all’ before — successfully, if not without difficulty, downsizing from a 1000sq ft warehouse space to an 8×10 storage unit, and a simple life next to an Australian surfing beach. Ahhhh… But, this time there’s furniture.

I fantasize about being free of my stuff again, and yet in all truth I don’t enjoy this process. In reality, apart from a couple of high-value items, I’m not trying to get rich, so what’s my deal?  Where is this resistance coming from???  Well, here it is… I really don’t like buying.  As I sell, I dread the next round of buying down the road, having to “replace all these things,” rather than the selling itself.  But the thing is, down the road, I really don’t find myself looking back wishing I hadn’t sold <that thing.>  Not usually at least.

I am fortunate this time around, that I know from experience the benefits are just around the corner.  My past experience reminds me that living out of a suitcase is so simple, and freeing. Selling is not “losing value,” see, it is in fact gaining freedom.” That’s right, Less is the new more! I am always stunned that people seem so quick to snap up my old stuff, to manage it themselves.  After perusing craigslist to weigh up my competition, and set my prices, I will now repeat the following phrase until it becomes a mantra… “Never. Buy. New.”  There is so much good stuff out there, for c.h.e.a.p!

And so, I sell…

Let it go.



As I begin to free myself from my attachments to these things, I feel myself regaining energy. It is a really good feeling.  I’m thinking about an estate sale.  I like the idea of doing that before I’m dead.

Any of you minimalists, zen-monks and non-packrats have any tips on staying light once I get there again?  It is on.


Sell, sell, sell…



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