So out of touch that I’m inviting you to Paradise

I regret being so out of touch with everyone as I have and continue to immerse myself in all of the planning and execution that needs to get done, but I’m hoping to change that over the next couple of months — I guess this here blog is the first step, but really I’m aiming for more personal.  In my dream, you’d find yourself on an exotic trip, the kind of which you’ve been wanting to take for a while… the kind which you won’t ever forget…  the kind that might just make your spirit sing… hmmm… say… to Bali this spring?

Then we could get *really* real!


Well, consider it a seed planted to do something great — fertilized with the following blog post that I found especially inspiring.

19 Best Things About Being A Bali Expat

My absolute favorite phrase from this blog posting is as follows:

… in dreams begin responsibilities. Execute and come to a place where you are (finally) without reasons why you can’t act , today, and you will find if you are worthy of this dream of yours, and all the effort that it took to get you here in the first place.

As someone who has been nurturing quite a few dreams, this one hit me square in the chest, and helped immensely in getting my lazy ass to start the selling that’s now in full swing.  Any of you got big dreams?  I’d love to hear ’em.  Hell, if *I* know about them, you’ve got someone else’s back burner working away to help *your* dream, should serendipity provide the raw materials — which it is highly prone to doing, I might add.  I’ve got a fancy new email address you can hit me on: homemade -a-t- homemaderules -dd-00-tt- com.  Hopefully you can figure out my code-talkin’ on that one.

Of course, short of a full ex-patriation, with an over-the-top-dream-realization, a simple visit would be eye-opening, mind-expanding and fun, that is, if you like sunsets on the beach, or pina-coladas, yes yes I’m sure there’s ‘making love in the rain’ there too.  Its a song, yo, so its got to be true.

over and out, its dreaming time again.



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