Where you goin’ now Homeslice???


In classic fashion, despite entire blog posts on the subject, I am now doing everything *but* selling.

Yes, as those who know me know, this is normal. Its how I ‘Get it done,’ apparently.  I have decided that *now* is the time to finally digitize that big-ass box of cassettes I been hauling around with me for the last ten, wait no, twenty(?) years.  (Hey, at least they ain’t 8 trax yo!)   My rationale: “Gosh, I sure don’t want to move those *again.* But really… now???  You’d think that’d be enough distraction, but no, I also endeavor to scan a full two crates full of old memories, and this *after* scanning of all the old VHS and 8mm videotapes.  It intrigues me that this seems to keep happening.  No good, hard deadline seems to be complete in my world, without a monumental, yet essential thing I ‘Gotta do first.’

Hey, I’m prone to the ‘big last-minute push,’ I can’t deny it.  There’s something about the adrenalin, and the deadline… its like my own whale to land, my own storm to weather — yargggggh, I can DO IT! Drama rules on the high seas and I am in the fight again.

But wait.  I think I am on to something…

Just as I’m about to go far into the wind, and out on the high plains of this here blue planet… I am again taking a guided tour of ‘Where I come from.’

And then… The Question…

Where you goin’ now Homeslice???

Well, dammit, as soon as I leave the analog tape realm behind, the future, or something, well…  awaits.

As I listen, and process the sounds and sights of yesteryear, I am grounded in where I come from, and set up to go forth in style. And yes, some of you are even getting a shout out — a random facebook post, email or other ‘What’s up?’ across time.  Don’t worry, you were always my friend, even in my silence.

Maybe this is more important than selling.

I didn’t plan it — it just happens.

And from here, where I’m scanning, I recommend.  Go visit where you came from, and say hi again to some of those still-friends.  It’s awesome!

Its also a fantastic way to procrastinate, until the  narwhal breaches again.

Cheers from yesteryear, ’cause I ain’t gettin’ dickety-shit done today!


You know what I'm talking about.







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