Getting Ready for My First NYC Blizzard.

I am getting ready for my first “blizzard” in NYC. To be honest I can’t wait! I haven’t seen a real honest snowstorm in years, and it *is* winter, so BRING IT! I wonder if it will get a brand name and logo package like that other NY storm got — “Super Storm Sandy.” Anyhow, today I was walking to the Mid-Manhattan library for another day of job searching online (PS seeking on the West Coast if you have any leads). I couldn’t help but notice that the streets were covered in freezing slush, and my shoes had NO traction. Well, I figured I’d just sort of skate along, cross-country ski style, since it’d be preferable to wobbling along all tentative-like so as not to slip. Excellent! It worked like a charm, totally fun, but a huge ball of ice was fast accumulating under one of my feet. I looked down there to scrape it off and keep skating, and found that I had a 2 inch crack in the sole of my shoes which was *scooping* all of that slush INTO the inside of the bottom of my shoe! Whoops, ha ha, bad move. Wet feet aside, my excitement still builds… I have been given a reprieve from the job hunt as the library has just announced that it is closing at 5pm due to the “Extreme weather conditions that are mounting outside.” Anyone in NYC up for some extreme sledding in Central Park? Hope you’re all well.

Impending Blizzard 2013 New York City

Extreme Weather Conditions!


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