What I am about to do…

This post describes what I’m gearing up for, for all of you who’ve been wondering…

(That’s most of you, since I haven’t taken the opportunity to explain it widely. Until now, that is…)

I am moving to Bali in a few short weeks, for an unknown amount of time.

I am going for a number of reasons, but first and foremost <cue the strings, its time to get smarmy!> to pursue a dream.

You may know that I have been running a technology design business for the past several years.  Much of my (paying) work to date has been client-based consulting — with a focus on technology-based creative endeavors and business development — blah blah blah… well, fun stuff actually.  Indeed, I have contributed technology design work to the film, scientific and design worlds for many years, but have never offered up my own private art, technology and design work for sale.

Well collectors of awesomeness, break out your checkbooks and get in line, ’cause this here over-educated, ex-goddamn-NASA, entrepreneurial, art-meets-technology sculpture-design dork is about to go mutha-fuckin’ loco all up in that shit! See, in my secret design studio, I’ve been cooking up some special-sauce — working on several endeavors, not the least of which is a set of ‘light-sculptures’ that are nearing production-readiness.  These will be *awesome*.  They are all shapes and shadows, electronically controlled lighting and cutting edge 3D-printed fabrication.  My goal is to develop, and be ready to fulfill orders on an initial limited run of 20-30 original pieces by mid-late summer.  Hey, there’s other stuff too…an interactive iPad-based publishing platform and new, easy-to-use software for intuitive, expandable, visual organization.

So I am moving to Bali to give these projects primary focus.

In other words, I funsta nurture the god damned hell out of them and kick they-ass off into the world. (in english — to bring to fruition, and/or to market)

Why Bali?

I am no stranger to the world.  I find the experience of being out of my element overseas scintillating, deeply enriching and truly inspiring.  It also makes me thoroughly appreciate everything I’ve left behind.  I am nearing the end of an epic and challenging chapter, and I find myself in unique, and serendipitous circumstances.  I am in the position to put things here on hold for a bit, relocate my design business to a place most conducive to this next experiment, and focus on calling forth the energies and endeavors that the next chapter will be built from.

Put simply, I am going to Bali to have my mind blown at a most auspicious time.

The aspect of Bali that I am most interested in, is its reputation as a local center for the arts.  Apparently in the 1700’s, a now defunct kingdom invested heavily in the arts, acting as patron for a vast workforce of artists of many disciplines.  Since then, artists have migrated and flourished there.  More recently, probably as a result, tourism has taken hold, and Bali has become a crossroads for travelers in South-East Asia.  It doesn’t hurt that its cheap, gorgeous and friendly (or so I’m told), with rich and colorful traditions dating back many centuries.  In particular, I am quite interested in what it would take to focus on making art — set up a studio there, find a full complement of local suppliers, and collaborate with other local artists.  And walk places.  In the sun.  Another reason I am going, is that I have a friend who has been living this dream there, and filling my mind with tales of it, for nigh on 8 years now.  Perhaps you will remember this moment 8 years from now when you are going to Bali?  But why wait??? (hey, at least come visit!)

When I first went abroad many years ago, it dawned on me  — “Hey, maybe I didn’t just randomly happen to be born in the very best place in the world?”  And if not, then seriously… why not go find it??? Now don’t you go getting all ‘Hey, he’s anti-America’ on me — I’m talking  for me, as in full of so many of the things I hold near and dear. I’ve long dreamt of a place like this — an inexpensive island of splendor, a rich local culture to explore, full of world-travelers and artists, next to the warm blue waters of the ocean (surfing!), central to good traveling, friendly, small enough to get to know people… the list goes on, hell, there are even monkeys! (you know, those cute little fuzzy humans)  So, I’ve been thinking… yes, I would like to have such a place to go from time to time, (like, say, during any given Portland winter?), but not acting on it.  Until now.  Yes, for me ‘NOW’ is that time. As I end one chapter and begin a new one, awash in new ideas, and possibilities, on the cusp of big change, Now is just about the perfect time for a big ol’ tropical-island art-safari.  Right, so… I am just going to pop on over there to see what the dealie-o is.  🙂

These are exciting times.  To go abroad open-ended and see where I am led is new to me.  For the first time I can remember, I do not know where I will be six months from now, and it feels good.  I am choosing to substitute trust for uncertainty.

I believe in my ideas.  I believe they deserve to see the light of day.  I believe that their manifestation will beautify, enrich and elegantly empower the world in a way that is uniquely mine to offer.

So I am going forth, to the ends of the earth, to make it happen…

from paradise.



Where you goin’ now Homeslice???


In classic fashion, despite entire blog posts on the subject, I am now doing everything *but* selling.

Yes, as those who know me know, this is normal. Its how I ‘Get it done,’ apparently.  I have decided that *now* is the time to finally digitize that big-ass box of cassettes I been hauling around with me for the last ten, wait no, twenty(?) years.  (Hey, at least they ain’t 8 trax yo!)   My rationale: “Gosh, I sure don’t want to move those *again.* But really… now???  You’d think that’d be enough distraction, but no, I also endeavor to scan a full two crates full of old memories, and this *after* scanning of all the old VHS and 8mm videotapes.  It intrigues me that this seems to keep happening.  No good, hard deadline seems to be complete in my world, without a monumental, yet essential thing I ‘Gotta do first.’

Hey, I’m prone to the ‘big last-minute push,’ I can’t deny it.  There’s something about the adrenalin, and the deadline… its like my own whale to land, my own storm to weather — yargggggh, I can DO IT! Drama rules on the high seas and I am in the fight again.

But wait.  I think I am on to something…

Just as I’m about to go far into the wind, and out on the high plains of this here blue planet… I am again taking a guided tour of ‘Where I come from.’

And then… The Question…

Where you goin’ now Homeslice???

Well, dammit, as soon as I leave the analog tape realm behind, the future, or something, well…  awaits.

As I listen, and process the sounds and sights of yesteryear, I am grounded in where I come from, and set up to go forth in style. And yes, some of you are even getting a shout out — a random facebook post, email or other ‘What’s up?’ across time.  Don’t worry, you were always my friend, even in my silence.

Maybe this is more important than selling.

I didn’t plan it — it just happens.

And from here, where I’m scanning, I recommend.  Go visit where you came from, and say hi again to some of those still-friends.  It’s awesome!

Its also a fantastic way to procrastinate, until the  narwhal breaches again.

Cheers from yesteryear, ’cause I ain’t gettin’ dickety-shit done today!


You know what I'm talking about.






So out of touch that I’m inviting you to Paradise

I regret being so out of touch with everyone as I have and continue to immerse myself in all of the planning and execution that needs to get done, but I’m hoping to change that over the next couple of months — I guess this here blog is the first step, but really I’m aiming for more personal.  In my dream, you’d find yourself on an exotic trip, the kind of which you’ve been wanting to take for a while… the kind which you won’t ever forget…  the kind that might just make your spirit sing… hmmm… say… to Bali this spring?

Then we could get *really* real!


Well, consider it a seed planted to do something great — fertilized with the following blog post that I found especially inspiring.

19 Best Things About Being A Bali Expat

My absolute favorite phrase from this blog posting is as follows:

… in dreams begin responsibilities. Execute and come to a place where you are (finally) without reasons why you can’t act , today, and you will find if you are worthy of this dream of yours, and all the effort that it took to get you here in the first place.

As someone who has been nurturing quite a few dreams, this one hit me square in the chest, and helped immensely in getting my lazy ass to start the selling that’s now in full swing.  Any of you got big dreams?  I’d love to hear ’em.  Hell, if *I* know about them, you’ve got someone else’s back burner working away to help *your* dream, should serendipity provide the raw materials — which it is highly prone to doing, I might add.  I’ve got a fancy new email address you can hit me on: homemade -a-t- homemaderules -dd-00-tt- com.  Hopefully you can figure out my code-talkin’ on that one.

Of course, short of a full ex-patriation, with an over-the-top-dream-realization, a simple visit would be eye-opening, mind-expanding and fun, that is, if you like sunsets on the beach, or pina-coladas, yes yes I’m sure there’s ‘making love in the rain’ there too.  Its a song, yo, so its got to be true.

over and out, its dreaming time again.


A Fancy, Good-Fer-Nuthin’ Website

Today marks a big ol’ milestone for HomeMadeRules! The official website has launched.

Its over there


Go check it out!

Click the link at the bottom, to see the *real* good stuff! Wasn’t that fun? And now the answer to the question on everyone’s tongue…

Why, yes! I did make that!!!

In less than an hour, I went from nuthin’ to sumthin.’

Even better, you can do it too!

Repeat after me…

Home. Made. Rules!


now, dot com.


Sell, sell, sell!

Well, well, well.
After much procrastination, the sell-a-thon begins. Blam – hot tub! Blam – drum set! Blam – La-Z-Boyeeeee! (Well, listed, at least, not sold just yet.)

Yes, folks, this is the first time I will ever downsize from a 3 bedroom house all my own, to um… as small a storage unit as I can get it down to. To all you doubters, let it be known that I have in the past, ‘chucked it all’ before — successfully, if not without difficulty, downsizing from a 1000sq ft warehouse space to an 8×10 storage unit, and a simple life next to an Australian surfing beach. Ahhhh… But, this time there’s furniture.

I fantasize about being free of my stuff again, and yet in all truth I don’t enjoy this process. In reality, apart from a couple of high-value items, I’m not trying to get rich, so what’s my deal?  Where is this resistance coming from???  Well, here it is… I really don’t like buying.  As I sell, I dread the next round of buying down the road, having to “replace all these things,” rather than the selling itself.  But the thing is, down the road, I really don’t find myself looking back wishing I hadn’t sold <that thing.>  Not usually at least.

I am fortunate this time around, that I know from experience the benefits are just around the corner.  My past experience reminds me that living out of a suitcase is so simple, and freeing. Selling is not “losing value,” see, it is in fact gaining freedom.” That’s right, Less is the new more! I am always stunned that people seem so quick to snap up my old stuff, to manage it themselves.  After perusing craigslist to weigh up my competition, and set my prices, I will now repeat the following phrase until it becomes a mantra… “Never. Buy. New.”  There is so much good stuff out there, for c.h.e.a.p!

And so, I sell…

Let it go.



As I begin to free myself from my attachments to these things, I feel myself regaining energy. It is a really good feeling.  I’m thinking about an estate sale.  I like the idea of doing that before I’m dead.

Any of you minimalists, zen-monks and non-packrats have any tips on staying light once I get there again?  It is on.


Sell, sell, sell…


Mr. Thrifty’s new meal plan…

T-minus six weeks (ish).

The clock continues its countdown before I ‘go mobile’ (fully move into a storage unit), with but a backpack on my back.

I’ll admit it, I am not looking forward to all the packing, selling, and donating ahead of me, but worst of all, will be throwing the rest away.  It just seems so wasteful.  My kitchen in particular contains all sorts of things that won’t survive in storage.  Hell, a glance into the cupboards reveals they are full, and yet, surprisingly, I can’t find a damn thing to eat!

Well, good thing for me, Mr. Thrifty stopped on by to help.

He thought it’d be a good idea for me ‘use everything up,’  — somehow finishing my time at the house at the exact moment I eat the last morsel here. His reasoning — this would save me from wasting anything, or having to pack any food.

Wow! That sounds great.

Well, Mr. Thrifty, your plan sure makes for some interesting eating!  Over the past week or so I have surprised myself with what I have had to pull from the cupboards and eat.  Did I actually buy that???  What is that???  Usually, mind you, not before checking every cupboard and thinking ‘Sure wish I had some fucking food here!’   But, every now and again I have been able to pull something off — to make something that actually tasted good (and no, I’m not talking about eating straight condiments (yet)).  You see, under Mr. Thrifty’s watchful eye, in fact, my cupboards are in fact ‘full of food!’

Today’s surprise: Strange, infernal, not-so-Mexican, mozzarella ‘quesadillas.’

“But wait, mozzarella??? Isn’t that for pizza?” You ask.

Welllll… yes.  First off, I couldn’t believe I actually still had cheese and tortillas.  Psst.. quiet down Snip-Snap or Mr. Thrifty will hear you!!! Besides, ALL cheese is good, so it can only improve the dish.  Not to worry that there is no rice, no beans and no salsa around, lots of onions, jalapenos and hot sauce will have to do.  Now my mouth is only **FIRE**, with the pleasant feel of queso.


Somehow, I’ve done it again.

As it stands, I’ve made it a good two weeks longer than normal with no food shopping.  The cupboards are thinning way out.  What a joy it is to eat with you Mr. Thrifty!

Happy New Year, y’all.


Did you ever love a car so much you did stupid things for it?

Tonight I found myself underneath Orangie, my awesome Jeep, lying in a puddle in a rainstorm, messing around with his electrical wiring wondering just this.

I am selling Orangie tomorrow to a friend of a friend, who is flying out to drive him across the country to New York, where he will have another exciting chapter.  I wanted the guy to have headlights for the trip, which, ahem, the mechanic was supposed to fix, but didn’t.  So I was trying to track down what I am now going to call ‘the ghost’ — an intermittent electrical short that repeatedly blanks out all of his lights, after about 1 1/2 hours of warmup.  Not handy while driving at night, no, not handy at all.  Especially not handy on a windy road.  Especially not with a trailer.  Especially not the night before you sell the car.

In a rainstorm.

I have done all these things for this car.

I am selling him, because I need to get lean and mean for my upcoming adventure.  I am selling him for a pittance, to a guy who also loves him, because I want to keep him on the road.  I want him to make someone else happy, with his awesome looks, and his pumping sound system, and the crank-down back window with the flip-down tail that’s so good for sleeping under the stars on.  And a roof rack that even I — also built like a truck — can stand on.  Damn Orangie, you fine!!!

Well, having looked for the ghost unsuccessfully, literally well over 35 times, most under extremely stressful, mid-road-trip, side-of-the-road conditions, I don’t know why I thought tonight might be different.  But it was my final chance to send Orangie off proud, so I went ALL-IN.

In a rainstorm.

The ghost won, but not until after a hell of a fight.

Come to think of it, this Jeep was originally owned by a firefighter (hence the bright orange — firefightin’ color).  Its in such great shape because that firefighter was killed in a fire, and his parents couldn’t bring themselves to part with it.  He was garaged for years.  And now 32 years later, he still rides on.

Something tells me that firefighter is still enjoying his ride.

Tomorrow its the mechanic vs. the ghost. Who do you think is going to win?

Safe travels Orangie, you will be missed.

Damn Orangie, you fine!!!

Welcome to a homemade adventure.

Hi there,

In case you’re just joining me, (which you are, since I’m just joining you), this here blog is the work of me.  I’m a-startin’ it because I’m realizing that I am off on an adventure that is going to be fun to share.  To keep things interesting, I’m gambling big.  With a not-so-little perfect storm from the universe as the cue I couldn’t ignore, I’ve decided to leave all that I know and love behind, and embark on a grand endeavor.  I will check out of a career that no longer floated my boat, and leave a scene that wasn’t a good fit for me any more.  To replace them, I’m choosing one that is homemade.  That’s right, my own invention.  That’s right, cue the accordion music folks, I’m going after my dreams.  Well, I’m going to start writing about it, at least, since I started the adventure already earlier in the year.  It has already proven to be one of the most interesting years of my life, and the approach I’ve taken has paid huge dividends so far, not financial yet, but better.  Now, I strongly believe that homemade rules, and so I’m checking into a new game.  I’ve decided to play by my own homemade rules, and tell you what happens.

So… without further ado, welcome aboard!

Feel free to read along, drop a note, or otherwise cross paths with this here life-inventor.  Hey, maybe you can make up a few of your own rules, and share them with me?  I’m a student of all sorts of knowledge, and class is back in session.  On this end, based on what’s been going on so far this year, I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a wild ride!

Check it.

Home Made

First peek at the new approach…

Well, since I haven’t done much explaining yet, this post might leave a few of you wondering… ‘huh?’

Part of my new plan involves building some sculptures.  They are going to be expensive… and nice… so I’m doing as much as I can virtually until I sell one, or can otherwise fund one.

Getting started on the work was the real adventure, and will undoubtedly come up as a subject in further posts.  The visible part of the adventure, the part that is easiest to share, just popped out of the project for the first time ever…

Voila… the first virtual sculpture.  It is a recreation of an earlier prototype piece I did a while back (in the real world), to test some of the lighting concepts out.

I’m not sure why the render is so blurry, but I’ll be putting my film-studio troubleshooting brain on to fix it.  In the meantime, I think it looks AWESOME!  Sort of a surreal, painterly look, which fits, since the sculpture itself is a bit surreal, and the whole trip to it was too.

Enjoy… more to follow…

Home Made

First render!

Look what popped out...